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Pet Dander Allergy

Pet Allergy Impacts On Your life Pets are a joy for most people. But if you have a Pet Dander Allergy, a simple visit to friends or families with animals can be a nightmare with anxiety over visiting. Or not being able visit due to your situation can be cause for mental stress and stressful relationships with those who have pets. Or having to tell your child they can’t have pets can be heartbreaking for you both.  So not only do pet allergies make you feel miserable physically, they also impact your emotional well-being.  Cat and Dog dander allergies are the most common. And it is estimated that 20-30% of the population have some allergic reactions to pet dander. Cat... Read More

Deep Breathing Benefits

There are many Deep Breathing Benefits and it helps with many different health conditions we experience.  Doing daily breathing exercises takes very little of your time and has so many benefits that we feel it is well worth the time taking. You may even find you enjoy and look forward to doing these exercises after getting into a routine, especially if you see results. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect from Deep breathing. Reduces Stress Hormone Cortisol Release Cortisol is an important hormone that humans have that was intended to help us during our time of being cave people. It was part of the “Fight or Flight” response.  It helped suppress fear so we could think... Read More