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How To Get Rid Of Chemicals

Knowing How To Get Rid Of Chemicals in homes and business offices is important. They can be places with many toxic and dangerous chemicals that you breathe every day.  To make matters worse, our government doesn’t fully protect us. Many analyst and experts advise that chemical levels considered safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, are in fact very unhealthy for you.  There are a number of dangerous chemicals you can find in your home, but 4 of the most common are Xylene, Ethylbenzene, Benzene, and Toluene.  These are common chemicals used in many of the products in your home. Such as your furniture, carpeting, drapes, wood floors, cubicle dividers, ceiling tile, insulation and kitchen cabinets to name a few. ... Read More

How To Remove Mold From Air

Determining How To Remove Mold From Air depends on the situation. There are some variables to consider before deciding the best way to resolve.  We at The Air Purifier Store always recommend seeking out a professional to remediate and remove the source of the mold if you have a mold situation that is being caused by some water based issue in your home. These are mostly cases of where there is a leak in the roof, a leak in pipes in the home, or any areas where water may be present and leaking into your building structure like sinks and showers. Individual symptoms can range from mildew smell nuisance, to allergenic, cause health conditions or toxigenic and can be deadly for... Read More