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Is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Real?

Answering the question of “Is multiple chemical sensitivity real?” is a real struggle for many.  You will find many different articles, doctors and others in the medical, mental health, science and other fields that will have varying opinions. This is why it is very frustrating for persons that have symptoms that cause them great discomfort and in many cases be physically debilitating.  Not to mention the psychological trauma experienced by those with MCS.  We have heard from many with experiences of going to their regular primary care physicians only be told that it is all psychological and in their head but not real.  This is usually because a doctor is trained to be analytical and to look at fact based... Read More

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Congratulations for making the decision to do Indoor Air Quality Testing on your home or business.  You, your family, your employees, and everyone else’s lungs that might be affected by whatever is in air they breathe will be thankful you did.  The tricky part is figuring out what and how you should go about testing the air quality. Common questions like “How do I know if there are issues with my air quality?”, “Where can I find someone to test it?”, “How do I select who I want to test it?”, “How much will it cost?”, “How do I know it is accurate?”, “Can I test it myself?” and finally “What do I do with the information from the test?”. ... Read More