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How To Remove Mold From Air

Determining How To Remove Mold From Air depends on the situation. There are some variables to consider before deciding the best way to resolve.  We at The Air Purifier Store always recommend seeking out a professional to remediate and remove the source of the mold if you have a mold situation that is being caused by some water based issue in your home. These are mostly cases of where there is a leak in the roof, a leak in pipes in the home, or any areas where water may be present and leaking into your building structure like sinks and showers. Individual symptoms can range from mildew smell nuisance, to allergenic, cause health conditions or toxigenic and can be deadly for... Read More

VOC Dangers To Your Health

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about VOC’s, also called Volatile Organic Chemicals. The need for VOC Air Purifiers to deal with cleaning up your air is real and growing from this threat to your health. Let’s step back for a minute to look at what Volatile Organic Compounds are.  Simply put VOC’s are the gases emitted from some specific solids or liquids. These gases occur indoors and outdoors.  Outside, they will dissipate fairly quickly unless there is a constant source replenishing where you are at.  But indoors, these toxic and hazardous chemicals and fume can build quickly with serious short and long term affects on your health. This is why mitigating these hazardous gases in your home or business with... Read More