Best HVAC Air Purifier

Best HVAC Air Purifier

Selecting the best air purification system for your situation can seem difficult if you are not experience with them.  Most people are not. Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information online as well as information that is incorrect.  Before deciding on what the Best HVAC air purifier is, we wanted to take the time to help understand some of the main differences between floor models and HVAC systems. Then explain a few of the main types of HVAC systems to help you decide on what is best for you.

Conveniences of HVAC Air Purifiers VS Floor Model

The main reason people like the HVAC mounted purifiers are that they are so convenient. Here are some of those conveniences to name a few:

  • They take care of your whole house (or whatever area of your home that your HVAC system services.
  • Noise levels in your home are reduced or eliminated since the Airpura is attached to the same location as your air handler. For most people that will be in the basement or Attic. Many Townhouses and condos have their air handlers in a closet, so even with a great HVAC Air Purifier the sound reduction will not be as much.
  • You do not need multiple units to handle different rooms on the same floor of your home.
  • You do not need multiple units for each floor of your home.
  • You do not need to move your unit around from room to room
  • You do not have to worry about cords and extension cords laying across the floor.

Downsides of an HVAC System VS Floor Model

  • Floor models are always more efficient in the room they are in because they are taking in the air constantly, running thru the filters and returning the air to the same room. So, you get many more air exchanges in a single room that you do with a whole house unit.
  • Air must be returned thru the air return registers to cycle thru the HVAC air purifier and be sent back out to your home.
  • HVAC air purifiers must be installed in a “bypass” configuration, so as not to cause damage to your HVAC system. A bypass system means that as air is returned to your HVAC air exchanger, only about 35-40% in each cycle will be process through the air purifier. This means even for the Best HVAC Air Purifier, takes many more exchanges of air to fully clean the air in your home
  • All HVAC systems air handler fans kick off when the heater or air conditioner cycles off. This is called the “auto” fan setting on your thermostat. When it is in the on position, the HVAC fan is cycling the air at maximum air exchanges through the air purifiers. When the HVAC system fan kicks off you reduce the air output to the home by about 50-75% as only the motor on the air purifier is working to service the whole home. Many people will just put their thermostat in the “Fan On” position, so the fan is constantly running whether the heating or cooling chamber is running in your HVAC system. In northern climates this can feel like chilly breezes coming from your air registers instead only heated air with the heat chamber is on.
  • The cost of HVAC’s is more expensive. We always recommend have a certified / licensed HVAC professional install your HVAC air purifier. Depending on where you live this can cost between $250-$400.
  • When you move, unless you want to remove the air purifier and replace the modified ducting before moving, you cannot take an HVAC air purifier with you.

Floor Model or HVAC general guidance?

Making the decision on which type of unit to get for your needs is person with many of the considerations of the conveniences of an HVAC air purification system vs the downsides.  Generally, we recommend the HVAC air system if you have lighter air quality issues to handle, just want to have a little better-quality air, or if you have a floor model or 2 and want to make sure to get the whole house as secondary process.   If you have a serious issue with heavy off gassing of chemicals such as a new kitchen installed or mold infestation so need to clean out a particular room with a lot of air exchanges, then the floor model is best.

What Is The Best HVAC Air Purifier to Buy?

Once you have determined you want to purchase an air purifier, we have many options we can provide for you. We carry a full line of Amaircare, Allerair, and Airpura HVAC mount air purifiers. We can also help you select the right size unit for your home or situation. If you need assistance, just call us at (888) 861-5639 or visit our store at We have experts standing by to help you with your selection.

Best hvac air purifier

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