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KwiKool BioKool Hybrid Air Scrubbers and Air Conditioners

Kwikool’s latest innovation is the BioKool series of hybrid portable air conditioner and air scrubber units and they are available in 2 models the KBIO1411 and KBIX1411. Both models use the air scrubbing power of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) 99.97% filters, which captures all particles greater than .3 microns. This means you are able to reduce pathogens by up to 90%, while cooling the air at a rate of 13,800 Btu-per-hour. 

The BioKoolMax KBIX1411 has everything the standard KBIO1411 has, plus the addition of KwiKool's innovative advanced needlepoint ionization. 

The BioKool series are both ETL certified. The following table matches the recommended model for the optimal 6 air change outs per hour within a space having an average 9ft. ceiling. 

  • KBIO1411 - 700 sq. ft.
  • KBIX1411 - 700 sq. ft.