How To Remove Mold From Air

Determining How To Remove Mold From Air depends on the situation. There are some variables to consider before deciding the best way to resolve.  We at The Air Purifier Store always recommend seeking out a professional to remediate and remove the source of the mold if you have a mold situation that is being caused by some water based issue in your home. These are mostly cases of where there is a leak in the roof, a leak in pipes in the home, or any areas where water may be present and leaking into your building structure like sinks and showers.Also, here is a great article on Indoor Air Quality. Individual symptoms can range from mildew smell nuisance, to allergenic, cause health conditions or toxigenic and can be deadly for some people.

Air purifiers are the best way to remove the mold from the air. There are several air purifier types that work great for mold cleanup in the air. The below types of air purifiers provide a guide to determing which unit you should buy and answering the question of how to remove mold from the air for your situation.


Ionizers are one of the best ways to quickly remove mold from the air. Many contractors use them to quickly resolve mold before rebuilding in flood situations or other similar situations where their worker’s health is at risk before starting.  They are quite efficient for any of the situations you have from just getting rid of the nuisance smells to handling more serious forms that create mycotoxins like black mold. 

You will read some concerns with health effects of ionizers in other articles. We usually find those articles are written by someone selling you something other than an ionizer. We call them scare articles.  You need to make up your mind about potential health impacts. We recommend staying with ionizers that create small amounts of ozone below OSHA / EPA such as Air Oasis line of ionizers. Non ozone ionizers will work but performance is slower as the small amounts of ozone help control the mold and milder odors. We also recommend using trusted medical sites and government non-profit sources like OSHA for information as you research health and safety concerns.

HEPA Based Air Purifiers

These are some of the most used solutions for mold removal from air. It is accomplished with a fan that pulls the surrounding air into an air purifier with a pre-filter and HEPA filter in it.  You’ll want a unit with a good medical grade HEPA. They are 99.97% efficient to 0.3 microns.  Mold is generally 5 – 80 microns in size.  So the mold will collect on the pre-filter and HEPA’s.  The only downside of these type of units is that mold will go dormant on your filters after it is collected.  Some can be released into the air if you bump your unit or when you take your filters out to clean or change. 

If you don’t have any serious health issues with mold, then this should be a problem. If you want to be sure to completely resolve. You’ll need a unit with UV.  UV sanitizes and kills any of the mold spores that collect on the filters. We also recommend getting a that has activated carbon along with the pre-filter and HEPA to handle absorbing the mold / mildew odors. Also some mold types off gas mycotoxins that require carbon to resolve as they are smaller than 0.1 microns. The key to success with these units is making sure to get a system with adequate CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) motor capacity so you can pull the mold into the unit from the air.  Austin Air Purifiers, Airpura, Amaircare, and Allerair all make great HEPA based Air purifiers.

Heat Based Air Purifiers

These are great units for general or light mold clean up. These type of air purifiers answer the question of how to remove mold from air by pulling the mold spores through a heat chamber that vaporizing the spores. The heat chamber is heated by a ceramic plate the process is called heat induction.  These units are great for smaller areas where there is light mold or mildew smells. They are great options because there are no filter changes required. And they are completely silent. The down side of these units is they do work very slow as the air is naturally pulled into the unit with temperature differences with the room. There is no fan. Because of this they can only handle up to 650 sq ft.  We believe the Airfree air purifiers to be the best in these type of air purifiers.

Selecting the right solution for how to move mold from the air is much easier once you know what the different type of air purifiers and their use with mold. We understand that selecting an air purifier is no always easy.  We have years of experience dealing with mold and other air quality issues and are glad to help. Please give us a call, chat with us or email us.

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