How To Get Rid Of Chemicals
Knowing How To Get Rid Of Chemicals in homes and business offices is important. They can be places with many toxic and dangerous chemicals that you breathe every day.  To make matters worse, our government doesn’t fully protect us. Many analyst and experts advise that chemical levels considered safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, are in fact very unhealthy for you. 

There are a number of dangerous chemicals you can find in your home, but 4 of the most common are Xylene, Ethylbenzene, Benzene, and Toluene.  These are common chemicals used in many of the products in your home. Such as your furniture, carpeting, drapes, wood floors, cubicle dividers, ceiling tile, insulation and kitchen cabinets to name a few.  They are in the glues, adhesives, and material used in these and many other products.  Manufacturers are constantly changing formulas of products, so new and different chemicals are continuously being introduced into our environment that we didn’t see 10-15 years ago.

Researchers are starting to link these particulate chemicals to interfering with hormones, effecting respiratory and cardiovascular systems,  as well as effecting reproductive systems.  With especially visible effects on smaller children.  Even at low levels. Based on the research it is becoming even more imperative that we look to make our environments less toxic. For the safety of ourselves and our loved ones, the investment in improving your air quality in both your home and business is very important.

The analysis doesn’t prove conclusively by itself that exposure to these at low levels of chemicals are detrimental to your health. But it does raise a lot of concern and points to a need to protect ourselves and loved ones.  Learning how to get rid of chemicals in your home or business is important.  But we live in a modern world and finding green products can be difficult for the many different things we need.  Although you can find many more of these type of products and materials than was available ten or even 5 years ago. So your search both online and at traditional stores will be much easier than it was years ago.  Being environmentally aware and responsible is certainly a lot easier than it use to be.

You should definitely look for low or no VOC producing products where possible for use in your home and businesses. This will reduce the need for knowing how to get rid of chemicals in your environment.  Be aware though, that even if they say there products are low or non VOC generating, they can still be emitting chemicals at levels that would be considered unsafe to your health. You can become involved in your community to make sure appropriate testing of the air quality is performed. Your community can work with businesses linked to release of chemicals, so they can change products or material used  in their business, to less toxic products and material. This in turn will lower the impacts on everyone’s environment and air that we breathe.

Short of these general recommendations, there is not too much more you can do directly. Plus this can be a lot of work to research and find these products.  Not to mention these products and materials are usually a lot more expensive, since they are more expensive to produce.  Unfortunately there is a price to be paid for cleaner air quality no matter what we do.

To keep your indoor environment as safe as possible and perhaps save you some of the hassle and cost of green products and material, you can consider air purification systems.  You can use air purifiers to effectively remove the chemicals from the air and keep the air you are breathing cleaner and safer.  And you can do so at a much lower price than trying to do with all green products, furniture, etc.  To be safe, we always recommend indoor air quality tests done by professionals to baseline and measure air quality levels in your home and business.

At The Air Purifier Store, we take clean air seriously and can help you with any needs you might have or advise on your particular situation.  We carry many air purifiers for different needs.  One of the more advanced and industry leading air purifiers for helping remove chemicals is the Airpura C600dlx.


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