VOC Dangers To Your Health

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about VOC’s, also called Volatile Organic Chemicals. The need for VOC Air Purifiers to deal with cleaning up your air is real and growing from this threat to your health.

Let’s step back for a minute to look at what Volatile Organic Compounds are.  Simply put VOC’s are the gases emitted from some specific solids or liquids. These gases occur indoors and outdoors.  Outside, they will dissipate fairly quickly unless there is a constant source replenishing where you are at.  But indoors, these toxic and hazardous chemicals and fume can build quickly with serious short and long term affects on your health. This is why mitigating these hazardous gases in your home or business with specially designed air purifiers or air cleaners is so critical to you, your loved ones, employees and customers.

VOC Air Purifier blogSo you might ask, where do these come from and why should I be worried.  Well, that is a great question. Unfortunately most all of us are affected now, as you will see in a minute from this rundown of the sources and what the source is of these dangerous chemical gases. First, what are some of the sources of these VOC’s?  Well, these gases are emitted from literally 1000’s of different sources. They can come from paints, paint strippers, cleaning products, lacquers, pesticides, copy paper, office equipment with toner and other fluids like printers/copiers, adhesives, glues, building material, permanent makers, and furnishings in your home like drapes, carpet, furniture fabric, yes even your mattress, ingredients in paint, wax, solvents, varnish, degreasing agents, cosmetics, and all types of fuels for car and home heating.  These are just a few examples, but you can quickly see why indoor air can get saturated with VOC’s so quickly.

May countries don’t have the safety and oversight in their manufacturing plants that the western industrial countries have.  That makes for unsafe working conditions for those individuals in those countries and with our global trade accelerating, many of the products being produced in these countries are showing up in our stores, homes, offices, and cars.  Think about just some of the common products found everywhere harboring these dangerous chemicals. Carpeting, furniture fabric, the adhesives used to put the furniture together, drapes, mattresses, cubicle dividers in your office, aerosol sprays, the air in the manufacturing floor you work in, your cloths with the dry cleaning solvents used. Well you get the drift.  There is dangerous stuff everywhere. The need for VOC air purifiers are real and a pressing issue.

Let’s talk about the health effects and symptoms that many of us confuse with general colds or allergies.  The symptoms are persistent eye, nose, and throat irritation.  If you notice these while indoors, but they seem to get less when you are outdoors for a longer period, it is a good indicator. Many times these symptoms show up when you wake in the morning from the chemicals in the air from the carpeting, drapes, and bedding.  Many people experience headaches and nausea.  Some feel dizzy and have physical coordination difficulties.  You can experience fatigue and skin irritation. For severe exposure, you can experience liver damage, damage to kidney’s as well as to your central nervous system.  Longer term exposure has been connected to cancer as well. The bottom line is these gases that we breathe are unsafe. 

The air purification industry has provided many options to address these issues in your home, office, or shop. TheAirPurifierStore.com provides only best in class VOC air purifiers from industry leading manufacturers.

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