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KwiKool BioAir Air Scrubbers

Kwikool’s BioAir is available in 2 models, 1000 CFM, 600 CFM. All models use the air cleaning power of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) 99.97% filters, which captures all particles greater than .3 microns. All models can be used as either a HEPA-filtered air cleaner or as a filtered negative air machine.

When used to create a negative pressure the unit removes potentially contaminated air from the space and pulls in fresh air from outside of the space. Also, BioAir models can simultaneously clean and purify, while creating a negative pressure.

The BioAir series are ETL certified. The following table matches the recommended model for the optimal 6 air change outs per hour within a space having an average 9ft. ceiling. 

  • KBA600 - 700 sq. ft.
  • KBA1000 - 1100 sq. ft.

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