Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

For all the seasonal allergy sufferers out there, finding Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies is important because you know the drill.  The weather is beautiful, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, kids are playing and laughing and people are walking about laughing and enjoying life.  But there you are feeling like you just caught a horrible cold or flu.  Your nose is running like open hose and you feel like you are the reason the facial tissue companies have a direct like to your bank account.

Sure, you can go through the usual routine.  Load up on the antihistamines which make you feel groggy, stay indoors, have the facial tissue on hand all the time and tough it out for the 4-6 weeks that the seasonal allergy season in spring and a shorter time in the fall seem to put you out of commission.

There are natural alternatives that can reduce the symptoms.  Some are dealing with the symptoms at hand and others are dealing with improving your health and ability to build resistance to allergy symptoms with your immune systems.  Here are 9 ideas to help reduce symptoms.

  1. Eating a healthy diet Mediterranean style diet focused on a wide range of colorful fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, low amounts of healthy fats, and whole grains.  While the science and medical research behind why this helps is not definitive, we strongly believe it is because this type of diet helps your overall immune system grow stronger. Thus helping you to overcome and lessen the symptoms associated with allergies.  Also, drink more water during the allergy season to stay hydrated. Do make sure to wash all of your fruits and vegetables well before eating.  Buy certified organic if possible.  This all reduces the chance of chemicals, bacteria on the food you eat.  Sometimes the result these chemicals and bacteria can mimic the airborne seasonal allergies you experience.
  1. Keep the outdoor air outside as best as possible during the airborne allergy season. We know it is impossible to completely do this, but you can start by closing the windows and running your air conditions or heat to control the indoor air to keep it comfortable
  1. Make sure to use at least a Merv 11 to Merv 16 filter in your HVAC system. This will capture 70-90% of particulate which makes one of the great Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies. You can go higher on the Merv rating, but they do get a little bit expensive and we have other recommendations that would be money better spent in keeping the air clean.
  1. Look for alternatives to antihistamines. There are studies that show that butterbur may be as effective as antihistamines without the side effects. There have also been some studies that show Pycnogenol is effective. Taking turmeric for asthma can help you build a stronger immune system so your body can fight the seasonal allergies better. Of course, we always recommend checking with your doctor before taking supplementation. Especially if you are taking other medication.
  1. Keep your nasals rinsed with saline solution. You can use a bulb and mix a small amount of mineral salt with warm water. This helps by flushing out the mucus and removing allergens that you have inhaled. The nasal rinse technique is pretty simple and easy to use, and a great way to maintain overall sinus health. 
  1. Try to use natural household products for cleaning and use around the home. This is one of the best Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies if you find these to be triggers that mimic seasonal allergy symptoms. Many times the chemicals in the modern day cleaning products in the home can cause symptoms that mimic airborne seasonal allergies.  Plus the chemicals inhaled or touched on the skin can affect and degrade your immune system. This in turn reduces your ability to fight off the symptoms caused by seasonal allergies.
  1. Since seasonal allergies impact the mucous membranes of your nasals, avoiding things that irritate it is important. Sometimes cooking with pungent spices can irritate. If you notice that your sinuses tend to run more and you cough more during cooking with these, you might want to try to avoid this at least during the season.  Another big irritant is cigarette smoke.  Do try to avoid being around it in general for a number of health reasons. But try to avoid it especially during the airborne allergy season
  1. Keep your cloths, yourself and inside of home fee from airborne allergens as much as possible. I know that sounds impossible because unless your house is airtight some is going to always get in. Opening and closing the door will bring it in. People going in and out of the house will track it in on their shoes, cloths and self. But you can control and reduce the amount of it in the house.   We suggest using a HEPA vacuum cleaner often keeping your carpets, floors and upholstery clean.  Also, us a damp cloth to wipe surfaces often. Surfaces like tables, countertops, window sills, or any flat surface.  If coming in from outside, bring your cloths to the laundry room right away and change into clean cloths after showing off.  This will keep pollen from the outside from getting on furniture, chairs, etc. in your home that was brought in from outside.
  1. Use an air purifier with a good HEPA filter to reduce pollen and other particulate in the air in your home as one of the great Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies that you can use. A quality air purifier like the Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier has been shown to significantly reduce pollen and other seasonal allergies that are in the air.

We at the know how challenging seasonal allergies can be.  If you need help, just call us and we would be glad to help with your particulate situation.

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